Drummer's Palette (Drum Stick Tray)


Drummer's Palette

- Stick Tray for Drummers -

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This tray is for drummers.
The tray is easy to attach to a drum hoop(e.g. floor tom hoop).
It is very convenient to place sticks, brushes, mallets and other items on the tray.
It is easy to install. All you have to do is to attach the plastic clamp to a hoop.

Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette Drummer's Palette
Details The tray is made with ABS plastic and has excellent durability.
It also uses a special sponge.
Both sides of the tray haves special sponges which suppress the falling sticks from having vibrations.
(Even with a slope, the sticks will not fall off the tray.)
The sponge has minimum age deterioration and excellent durability.

We have designed an easy to carry tray not using any metal parts.
You can conveniently put the lightweight compact tray into a large stick bag.
It is very easy to carry around.
You can take it to gigs, jam sessions, clubs and studios.

We use a versatile plastic hoop clamp which you can use with a general steel hoop or a die-cast hoop.

  • There is versatility. However, the specifications are based on the 1.2"(3cm) height of the hoop.
    Therefore, there is a possibility that you may not be able to use this product the hoop itself is extremely tall or low.
    It depends on the shape of the hoop, Which is intended to be 1.1"(2.8cm) - 1.25"(3.2cm) in height.
    It cannot be installed on wood hoops.
  • When the sponge of the upper tray has sticks left on it for a long time, a trace be left, but that is may be left. However, that is not unusual. As time passes, it will disappear.
  • The sticks and brushes are not included with this product.
  • The specifications of the product are subject to change without notice. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  1. Insert each plastic hoop clamp into the holes on the back of the tray.
  2. Once the two plastic hoop clamps are inserted, attach the tray from the top of the hoops.
While the installation is still loose, use a clamp of alternating shallow claw and deep claw.
That is corrected by the elasticity of the ABS of the tray body.
  • The product is to be used only for its stated purpose.
  • Do not open the plastic hoop clamp using force. It may break the parts, and could possibly cause injury.
  • Do not move the drum when it is fitted with the tray. It could break the parts and drum and could possibly cause injury.
  • Do not hit the tray, because it could break the parts and the drum. It could possibly cause injury.
  • Do not lean, sit or place heavy items on the tray. It could break the parts and the drum and could possibly cause injury.
  • Do not install the tray in a position where a hand will directly hit it. It could possibly cause injury.
  • When storing it, please remove the plastic hoop clamp.
  • Please keep the product out of the reach of children.
  • Keep the stick tray away from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.
    Do not place the product in direct sunlight in a vehicle for extended periods.
  • All measurements are approximate and the actual dimensions may vary slightly.
warning symbol WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information: www.p65warnings.ca.gov
About California Proposition 65
Specifications Size:
approx. W4.72" x D9.56" x H0.59" (excluding clamp parts)
(approx. W120mm x D243mm x H15mm (excluding clamp parts))

approx. 5.3oz(150g)


Drawstring Storage Bag

Only a guide, usable hoop height is from 1.1"(2.8cm) to 1.25"(3.2cm), depending on the shape.
It cannot be installed on wood hoops.
Price Open price
Utility Model Patent(Japan) 3200013
Where To Buy It can be purchased from these websites.

Amazon USA



You can also buy it here by PayPal payment.
Optional Parts

Tension-Bolt Stay

Plastic Hoop Clamp (spare parts)
Drmmer's Palette Hoop Clamp

Please feel free to ask us any questions.


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  • It's good item for birthday present to drummer.
  • As for myself, I am very satisfied.
  • It's great tray.
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Jeff Hamilton
Elvin Jones
Philly Joe Jones
Brian Blade
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Billy Higgins
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